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Your Unparalleled
Estate Sale Experts

Navigating the complexities of estate sales and probate transactions requires a partner with extensive experience and unwavering expertise. Welcome to The Rosaio Team, where your journey is guided by professionals who understand the intricacies of these unique transactions in Delaware and Pennsylvania.

Who We Are

We are more than just REALTORS®; we are seasoned experts in estate sales and probate listings. With a dedicated focus on Delaware and Pennsylvania, our track record speaks for itself. For years, we've been the go-to choice for individuals seeking a seamless, stress-free, and financially successful estate sale process in these regions.

Unmatched Expertise in Estate Sales

When it comes to estate sales, experience is paramount. Our deep understanding of the market nuances, legal intricacies, and emotional considerations empowers us to provide you with unparalleled guidance. Selling an inherited property demands finesse, and with us, you have a team that not only understands but excels in this domain.

Guiding You Through Every Step

Probate often involves untangling the intricate affairs of a departed loved one—a task that can feel overwhelming, especially when combined with the responsibilities of being a Personal Representative or Administrator. Amidst your grieving, you're faced with state requirements, family matters, creditors, and more. We're here to lighten the load.


I think what makes our approach to listing estate sales unique is that we don’t treat our estate sale listings like distressed property that needs to be sold at a discount. We showcase them to the public the same way that we would a traditional sale. So many times we see estate sales hit the market and they look like the agent is marketing them as a distressed/damaged property with dark and blurry photos, with “as-is” condition being the main focus in the remarks. It’s no shock that those homes sell for less with that kind of strategy. There’s a much better way to go about it that gets significantly better results for the client.

Kristen Rosaio, Team Leader

Your "One-Stop" Solution

Our comprehensive approach is designed with you in mind. We understand that probate real estate involves not just the property, but the accumulated personal belongings. We have established relationships with vendors who can handle cleanup, repairs, and more, ensuring your property is market-ready.

Expert Staging Services

A key element in our success is our expert staging services. We transform dated properties into captivating, desirable homes that command top dollar. Our meticulous eye for design, coupled with market insights, ensures your property shines in its finest light, attracting qualified buyers.

Communication Across Distances

We understand that 75% of our Executors and Administrators reside out of state. Communication is key, and we utilize online resources to keep you updated on property progress, showing appointments, and buyer feedback. Our streamlined e-signing software simplifies document signing. Through emails, texts, calls, and online systems, we prioritize communication and offer peace of mind throughout.

Turning Out-of-State Challenges

into a Successful Estate Sale

We recently had the privilege of assisting a client referred to us by an agent in California. The client's cousin, residing in Virginia, needed support in selling her late mother's home. Given the distance, we implemented a strategic plan to streamline the process and ensure a hassle-free experience for our client.

To facilitate access for various involved parties, we placed a secure lockbox on the property. Our proactive approach involved coordinating with an estate sale company, managing the clean-out crew for unsold items, and arranging for professional cleaners. Once this initial phase was complete, we scheduled a meticulous staging process, complemented by high-quality photos and a captivating video to showcase the property's unique features.

Our dedication extended to crafting compelling marketing materials, ensuring the property garnered attention online and attracted potential buyers. The strategic launch, featuring an open house, resulted in multiple offers, ultimately leading to a successful sale above the list price, and remarkably, with no inspections required.

Throughout the under-contract phase, we maintained seamless communication with the buyer's agent, attorney, lender, and appraiser. This meticulous coordination aimed at guaranteeing a smooth closing process, providing our client with peace of mind and confidence that every detail was handled with utmost professionalism.

Our commitment to transparency and communication meant our client, despite being out of state, was kept informed at every step. This ensured she never had to worry about the intricacies of the process, trusting that we were diligently overseeing the sale of her mother's home.

Despite the property requiring some updates, our expertise in staging allowed us to highlight its numerous appealing features. The combination of stunning photography and a compelling video not only attracted attention online but also enticed potential buyers through the door. Remarkably, our client was spared the need for any repairs to the home.

We take pride in the successful execution of this out-of-state sale, showcasing our dedication to providing comprehensive real estate solutions and delivering outstanding results. If you're looking for a team that goes the extra mile, we're here to make your real estate journey seamless and successful.


Embark on Your Journey

Estate sales and probate transactions are not just transactions; they're significant life events. With The Rosaio Team, you're not alone. You're partnering with professionals who understand, who care, and who deliver results.

Contact The Rosaio Team today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward a successful estate sale or probate listing in Delaware and Pennsylvania.
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